Maileg mice, who doesn't know them? What a delightful brand with beautiful dolls and lovely clothes. Our furniture and accessories are well-suited for Maileg mice. We'd like to inspire you.

Here you see big sister as a mom and little sister as a child. She just got back from school, chatting with mom about her day while mom makes tea for both of them.

It's delightful to recreate everyday events in the dollhouse. Above, you see the kitchen island in 1:12, and below, a kitchen 1:12 from the 'Create Your Own Kitchen' category, allowing you to customize a kitchen according to your preferences. 1:12 is the perfect size for Maileg mice.

Situations from the real world are simulated during play. For young children, these roles are simple and playful. 

As your child grows older, they will notice more detail, and they can truly immerse themselves in their play. Continuously adding new accessories to the dollhouse keeps role-playing interesting.

Children tend to play what fits into their own world. So, choose furniture and accessories that kids recognize from their surroundings. Children enjoy playing out mealtime, a cozy moment in the day, or putting the little ones to bed. You might even hear yourself during this game – delightful moments to cherish!

For Maileg babies, a cot is the best choice; bassinets are a bit too small for the mice. Jeanine from Little Sissy makes mattresses and blankets for our beds.

We use big sister and big brother as mom and dad, fitting well with the 1:12 furniture. Through role-playing, a child can process impressions and emotions, expressing fears and anger, as well as joy and happiness.

To engage a child in play, start small. Set up an inviting scenario that sparks a child's curiosity. 

Playing together with your child is incredibly enjoyable. Sit or lie down together in front of the dollhouse, go along with your child's play. Let the imagination flow, keep it spontaneous, and allow your child to guide the play. Through action, you'll see your child naturally taking the lead.

We hope our furniture and accessories find a beautiful place in the playtime of your family.

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