The Moody house began with the desire to create a dark home. While light houses are common nowadays, such a dark atmosphere beautifully suits the winter. We initiated the project by crafting a moodboard, focusing on four key words: moody, dark, rustic, and romantic.

Moody - an interior evoking intense emotions, a dark ambiance.

Dark - an interior featuring various dark shades.

Rustic - an interior incorporating raw materials like concrete, wood with a pronounced grain, and the use of animal hides.

Romantic - an interior with cozy corners using warm materials and fabrics, warm brown tones, and light sources such as a fireplace and candles.

Our process always starts with flooring and wall coverings to grasp the overall atmosphere. Choices can differ from initial plans, blending warmth and coolness, like a warm floor next to a cool wall or vice versa.

In the kitchen, a brown-orange limestone wall complements various red and brown tones. To accentuate the color, we incorporated plants in the decoration.

Furniture and accessories were designed with diverse materials for depth, featuring wood grain in the table and shelf, and transparent and black materials for glassware. The kitchen and dining chairs also showcase two different materials: black and matte black.

Creating a massive bookshelf was a delight. We used existing and curated books, adding vases and plants for dynamism. Special hanging plants were crafted for this house, with some sections featuring wood panels and built-in lights for emphasis.

Instead of a standard living room, we created multiple seating areas around the fireplace. Little Sissy's Jeanine crafted cushions for the chairs and ottoman.

Wooden beams in this space contribute to a homely atmosphere, supporting a wooden lattice structure above where the bedroom is located.

Do you dare to embrace the dark and moody aesthetic?

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