For our 5th anniversary, we wanted to host a major giveaway for our Instagram followers. We created four moodboards for each space in Japandi style, inviting our followers to vote for their favourite. Here are the three winning moodboards:

After selecting the moodboards, we translated each one into ideas for the giveaway house. Below, you can see the moodboards with the most votes, along with the visual concept for the dollhouse.

We've developed the ideas in the giveaway house using existing furniture and wallpaper, as well as designing new items and wallpaper. Here's a closer look at the house:

We'll explore the house in more detail, along with insights into our decision-making process. First, let's see the living room:

In the living room, we opted for a single-colored back wall, aiming for a special wall with texture and a built-in shelf. We chose organic shapes with shelves in an arch for displaying accessories.

For the living room, we selected a modular sofa where each section can be arranged according to your preference. Jeanine from Little Sissy created the cushions on the sofa, and the ottoman also comes from her shop. The armchair and side table are new designs crafted specifically for this house. The color palette includes sandstone texture, matte pale brown, matte brown beige, elm, cream white, and bronze. The right wall features the 'Mountains' wallpaper.

In the kitchen, the tall handle-less cabinets dominate the back wall, housing a built-in oven, microwave, and a coffee machine with a cabinet for mugs above. The left wall is adorned with the 'Stone Organic Brown' wall covering.

The kitchen island with wooden slats stands in the middle of the space, featuring a sink with a faucet and a cooktop. On one side, you can sit on bar stools, while the other side has a cabinet for beautiful items or, as we did, for cookbooks.

The bedroom is located in the drawer at the bottom of the house. It's a smaller space, so we had to be clever with the layout. There was already a staircase in the space, and we managed to fit a double bed with a bedside table next to it. In the other corner, we placed a crib because, in a dollhouse, there should also be little ones.

The bedding is crafted by Jeanine from Little Sissy. The bear poster and the box underneath also come from her webshop, along with the cozy woven rug and wall stickers.

Unfortunately, this house has already been given away, but we hope it inspires you to create something in this style on your own.

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