Kitchen II with stove

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Kitchen with a sink, a cooker and a trim around the cabinets, drawers and fronts. The cabinets, drawers and the oven are not able to open, but the oven has a window in the front through which items can be placed inside.

There are three models:
Model 1 has a black hob with black round burners
Model 2 has an aluminium hob with black burners
Model 3 has a black ceramic/induction hob

Colour 1 is the colour of the trim and sides of the kicthen
Colour 2 is the colour of the cabinets
Colour 3 is the colour of the worktop
Colour 4 is the colour of the handles, tap and knobs on the oven
Colour 5 is the colour of the outside of the oven
Colour 6 is the colour of the inside of the oven
Please take a look at the Colours page to see all available colours.

Dimensions (L x W x H)
221 x 66 x 60 mm

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